I am an organizer by nature and a researcher by profession. On this site, I maintain pages related to how to perform analysis and offer blogs entries on how to use analysis to make decisions.

Things to Know

  • Rankings or listicles remain one of the dumber ways to organize the world.
  • I really groove on Excel because it can drive most analyses. It could be painful and not easy but you can get the job done with Excel. Plus, you most likely own it and know how to use it.
  • When lemmings are going off the cliff, I bring a hang glider.
  • When the herd runs in one direction, I try to get out of its way.
  • I can coax a story out of the nosiest or quietest datasets.

I work with a variety of statistical and financial models. Both of these types of models can be used to group observations or elements. In turn, both of these models can aid in the decision making process.

Professional Things to Know

If you need more professional details, then check out my resume, curriculum vitae (CV), or profile.

Personal Things to Know

I am also a dad to an adoloscent and currently live in Columbus, Ohio. When not working or parenting, I am

  • riding for distance;
  • playing pickleball;
  • enjoying a coffee and a cigar in the morning or a cocktail and a cigar in the afternoon;
  • watching a play;
  • listening to music.